Engang *95

Engang så jeg en mand, der var lige ved at slå en dreng midt på Nørreport station, men så rev han i stedet en grøn ipad op ad sin taske og holdt den hen over en skraldespand mens han talte vredt. Jeg var for langt væk til at jeg kunne høre, hvad han sagde.   Den [...]

they left

So, the snow disappeared. I was walking around ind this weird, grey whether. And I noticed these things. Some of them I noticed again. My first weeks here I spend a lot of time thinking about all the people who have been here before me. Some of them for a while, for years, others just [...]

As I said, nothing ever turns out as expected …Snow fell from the sky, so white, covered the ground, made the forest even more fairytail-like. Then the temperature rose, everything started melting, then it froze. The roads in the forest became iceloaps. And it lasted for a week. I expected the snow to prevent me [...]

I am not the only one living in this particular part of the forest. Actually, my now closest neighbours (only a 5 min drive away), are the reason why I'm here. I was reading Andrea Hejlskovs blog and started writing her emails, then visited them - and they introduced me to Bondsäter, told me it [...]