As I said, nothing ever turns out as expected …
Snow fell from the sky, so white, covered the ground, made the forest even more fairytail-like. Then the temperature rose, everything started melting, then it froze. The roads in the forest became iceloaps. And it lasted for a week. I expected the snow to prevent me from leaving the woods, not ice…
Writing this it’s the 16th of December and plus 4 (celsius). It’s windy. We will go outside soon. My son will play with his bicycle and the ice still remaining here and there. I will chop wood, fetch water from the well.
The well I so carefully insulated a week ago.
I did it in a hurry, while thinking I was really late doing it, hoping it would still keep the well from freezing completely to ice.
When I go out, I don’t even wear a scarf. When I light the fire in the woodstove, I have to open the door to the hallway, so it won’t get to hot in the kitchen.
Really not wat I expected.

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