january was like this…

– no snow, then snow, more snow, more, more and more.

 – a lot of mice in the house, afraid of the mice, awake at night because of the mice, the traps NOT working, one night up again and again feeding the traps with raisins, eventually the two mice in question stopped hiding from me, they were just sitting on the kitchenshelf, waiting, exited about the raisin-supplyer. Then: Not afraid of the mice anymore.

– afraid of driving in the snow, driving in the snow, getting stuck, getting help, driving in the snow more and more, imagining I’m in the rally, not afraid of driving in the snow anymore.

– taking care of the neighbours dog, giving it back, missing the dog, asking to borrow the dog.

– Having my first guest – the guestroom is initiated! – amazed at the this: You open your home to strangers, but they are not, strangers, that is. Oh I’m looking forward to my next visitors!

– Skiing! I found this very old pair of ski and I’m completely in love with them. I never really went skiing before, I don’t have a clue about the technique – but it’s funny! I bought another set for guests, and my son has his own (though he still prefers his bike, which he handles surprisingly well in the snow). Sometimes the cat accompanies us, some of the time we even had our neighbours dog with us. A parade.

– and then, back to the snowing and driwing …. Whenever I reached the limit of my newfound/newly gained rally-abilities, one of two things happened: The giant snowplough cleared my road because of the rally. Or Ola came to my resque:

Rule number one when you live outside the official clearingroutes: Know the man with the plough!

– and back to the mice …. we got a new cat in january. A grown up, experienced one that actually seems to have solved the problem. I hope.

– and, finally, in january I had my first bath, where preparing it (mainly fetching and heating water enough, knowing what is enough) didn’t overshadow the actual bath.

Everything becomes a routine. There are routines for everything.
That is the essence of januarys experiences.

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